Solar Rooftop

Solar Hybrid Inverters

Product Description

    Model   Battery Voltage   Module
minimum maximum
850 VA 150 AH 12 v. 125 WP 250 wp
1 KVA 180 AH 12 v. 150 WP 300 WP
1.5 KVA 150 AH 12v. x 2
24 V.
250 WP 600 WP.
2 KV
150 AH X 3
36  V.
300 WP 750 WP
 2.5 KVA 150 AH X 4
48 V.
500 WP 1K.W.
180 AH X 4
48 V.
600 WP 1.5 KW
3.5 KVA 200AH.X 4
48 V.
800 WP 2K.W
5 KVA 200 AH X 4, 48V. 800 WP 5 KW.
7.5KVA 200AH X 8, 96 V. 1.2 KW. 7.5 K.W


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Solar Hybrid Inverter Special Features

  1. Solar Array will charge the battery bank via zero drop / MPPT Charge controller, Always when there is At the rate of available sun shine.
  2. Patented technology : In our patented technology [ No. 580/CHE/204] Parallel battery charging For Desired level  from  0 to 100 %  is possible during cloudy day power cuts. By setting the controller provided in the system.
    ADVANTAGES: During cloudy day power cuts the solar energy may not charge the battery for the required level and the same has to be charged through grid for some extent this level can be set by means of the controller provided. If the battery is fully charged by grid the available sun shine will be wasted. If the controller is set for 50 % the battery will be charged only 50 % from grid and the balance portion will be charged through solar when ever it is available.
    If there is no load shedding, the controller can be set for 0 % or 25 % and the system will function only in solar and whatever solar energy available will be converted in to ac 230 v. supply and will be supplied to the connected load.
  3. When battery is fully charged from solar the Mains Power supply will be disconnected and the load will be connected to solar. The excess solar energy will charge the battery bank.
  4. When the entire solar energy stored during the day is discharged, Mains power will be reconnected and if the grid charging controller is set to “0 “ the system will  ONLY BYPASS THE MAINS SUPPLY TO THE LOAD. And will wait for solar energy for charging the battery. If there is interruption in Mains supply in between the reserved energy in the battery will be supplied to the load.