Industrial Solar Water Heater Pune & Nashik

Product Description

Ravi Solar water heating systems provide turnkey solutions for all types of hot water needs. Our industrial water heaters are ideal for critical operations and find wide use across Community Centers, Agro Farms, Bio Farms, Manufacturing Industries, Boiler Feeds, Service centers and processing industries.We design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation& Commissioning Solar Systems. We are in the industry with a lot of fresh discoveries to help make the most of the solar energy in business enterprises and in civic infrastructural developments.
-Hot Water Storage Tank : Heavy Water Storage tank made from Heavy duty 2.5 mm thk or more mild & low carbon steel. Tank is coated with Ultra heat resistance modified food grade coating protects against corrosion and ensures very long life. Outer cover is 7 tank processed PEF Metallic powder coating, which is highest UV resistance and protect against corrosion and ensure longer, service free life.
-Flat Plate Collector (FPC): Premier Quality 9 Copper Tubes ISI Mark
-Hi-efficient Three Layer Conductive Evacuated Glass Tube Collectors: Hi-efficient three layer conductive Evacuated glass tube collectors are MNRE Approved & coated with three layers Cu/SS/Al – N with high power MFMS coating ensures highest heat absorption. Hi-Tech Solar comes with more conductive glass tubes which provide more and more hot water. Tube Size : Dia 58 x 1800 Dia 58 x 2100 : for 500 LPD & more Capacity
-Stand: Specially designed super solid stand made of GI using welding less technology. In house 7 tank process and PEF Metallic powder coating which is highest UV resistance and protect against corrosion and ensures longer life.
-Insulation: Hot water storage tank is insulated by automatic machine injected high pressure and high density 50mm thick superior quality PUF which keeps water hot for longer time.
:Available Capacities-
500 LPD
1000 LPD
1500 LPD
2000 LPD
3000 LPD
5000 LPD
In Multiple of 500 LPD Features:
• Thermo syphon /Force Flow based Solar Water Generators
• Flat/Slope Roof Mountable System
• System for Flat roof Steel & Asbestos sheet
• Forced circulation systems for differential head and pressurized circulation systems
• Fixed temp system for critical temperature
• Differential temperature systems for large scale & varied hot water applications • Hassle free work performance
• With Automation
• Very Less Payback Period
In Nashik area i.e. Nashik, Sinnar, Igatpuri, Trimbak, Niphad, Yeola, Peth, Dindori, Chandwad, Nandgaon, Surgana, Kalwan, Deola, Baglan, Malegaon, Dhule, Devpur, Shirpur, Sindkheda, Sakri,Nandurbar,Shahada,Navapur, Taloda, Akkalkuwa, Dhadgaon,rural,town,city,district.
In Pune we have active service in 1 Haveli 2 Punecity 3 Maval 4 Mulshi 5 Shirur 6 Baramati 7 Daund 8 Indapur 9 Bhor 10 Velha 11 Purandar 12 Khed 13 Junnar 14 Ambegaon rural,town,city and district.


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